Recent Projects

KYTC Arch Bridge

Project: KYTC Arch Bridge

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Details: Encore fabricated 96 ft long three sided arch bridge spanning 36 feet, wing walls, and headwalls. This arch bridge was manufactured and designed to replace an existing bridge. Part of the scope of work included demolition of the existing footer and casting a new footer. After demolition of the old bridge, the contractor found that the existing footer had minimal issues. Our engineers researched and designed slight modifications to the existing footer in order to support the new arch bridge, saving the owner significant expense. The project was successfully completed in 2020.


Dayton Parallel

Project: Dayton Parallel

Location: Dayton, OH

Details: The Dayton Parallel project was developed and designed to provide redundancy in the sanitary sewer system trunk line for the city of Dayton, Ohio. This project consisted of over a mile of 8’x6’ and 12’x4’ gasketed box culvert, casted to .040” tolerances to ensure proper seal between each piece. The box culvert was installed next to a river, so the gasketed connection was routinely tested to 13 psi to ensure the proper seal was being maintained. Additionally, the boxes had an integral chevron flow channel in the bottom and were designed to overcome potential buoyancy issues that could occur during flood events which would overtop the box culvert. The project was successfully completed in 2021.

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