Catch Basins & Manholes

The backbone of our country’s storm and sanitary system, we manufacture catch basins and manholes to ASTM, state, and municipal specifications. We produce manholes from 48” up to 144” in diameter. We have produced catch basins from 12” x 12” and 50lbs up to 14’ x 25’ weighing 80,000 lbs, and everything in between.

  • Curb inlet

    We manufacture many styles of curb inlets, made to local municipal, city, and state specifications.

  • Wet well

    We’ve made wetwells up to 12’ in diameter and 35’ deep.

  • Dry well

    Dry wells are used in well draining areas, allowing surface water to seep into the ground and recharge the groundwater. Tops can be made to fit a variety of inlet castings, including round, rectangular, and square.

  • Drop manhole

    We cast integral drop manholes with up to 24” drops.

  • Standard manhole

    Standard manholes, from 48” to 144” diameter, are used on most every storm and sanitary sewer project.

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