We design and manufacture 3 sided bridges, including both our TRISPAN® and the ECO-SPAN® arch bridge system. Utilizing these systems and engineering and optimizing them for your project, we routinely produce these bridges in spans from 12’ up to 60’, and can go up to 84’ and more.

  • 3-sided Bridge

    Our flat top bridge can span up to 40’ and we can design and produce skewed bridges with up to a 45 degree plus skew. We design and precast headwalls and wingwalls for both the flat top bridge and the arch bridge.

  • Arch Bridge

    Single piece arch bridges up to 60’ span, multi piece arch bridges up to 84’ and beyond. These systems are typically designed for AASHTO LRFD HL-93, but can also be designed to support aircraft, trains, and off road construction equipment, just like most of our other products.

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