Box Culverts

Few precasters have the expertise and box culvert production capacity we do.  In fact, we cast over 5 miles of box culvert for a project.  Whether it’s a box culvert able to hold 200’ of fill on top of it, a gasketed box casted to tolerances of .040” over a 12’ span and able to withstand rigorous pressure testing, or a project on the scale you have not experienced before, we can partner with you to make your next project a success.  We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Box culvert

    We build box culverts from 3’ square up to 20’ span and more and offer precast end walls to finish your job. For larger spans, we can manufacture multicell box culverts. While spans up to 12’ with highway loads are governed by ASTM 1577, for greater spans or high loadings, such are airport or railroads, we can design in-house.

  • Sanitary

    We recently designed and constructed a sanitary box culvert tested to 15 psi. To successfully test to such pressures, we maintained a tolerance of .040” over the span and rise of the box culvert for proper gasket sealing.

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